Sunday, November 2, 2008


So, Halloween night I got the last usage of my costume as Elmo (there could possibly be a cameo in the near future, you never know) and I wanted to use it to the fullest, in other words, become A Savannah celebrity!!!!
First, my roommate and I met up with some friends (who drive) to get this show on the go!
Then, we came to the conclusion that there were 6 of us and the transportation provided, seated 5. So, I was the bigger person (literally and metaphorically) and sacrificed my seating privileges for someone else...which means, I got the trunk. Do not worry, I had fun, however I did forget my ipod and phone so my only means of entertainment were my camera!There are a lot more pictures (it was a long drive) but these were the cream of the crop. We made our first stop at the mall, but it had already closed, except for Barnes & Nobles where Elmo made his first appearance in the children's section during a story time reading. I chatted with the kids for a bit in Elmo voice of course. The kids were fine but the parents seemed a little freaked out. I did not take pictures with the kids but I did take a photo with my brethren!
The next stop was Ihop of course. We were all starving. I asked for a table in Elmo voice, and even ordered food in Elmo voice. I made sure to point to the menu so that if the waitress didnt understand me, she could at least see what I was pointing at. Speaking of which, she was really creepy. She would not stop staring at me! Even when everyone else was ordering she would be looking at me. She would come to the table at random times too just to stare. She even thought I had some machine doing my voice for me. The worst part was every time she came to the table for other stuff like hows the food, and "need napkins", and the check, everyone in my group assumed I was the spokesperson and they would just stay silent. It was by far the best and worst Ihop experience....back in the trunk for me.The last stop was Wal-Mart! I didnt take any pictures in there, but I did run into a heap of small children in the toys section who were so confused of Elmo's height. I did get a nice shelf though. I do have pictures of me back in the trunk with groceries!Last but not least, I volunteered for the Savannah Film Festival! I only recognized one person the entire time, but I still had fun, and now I can say I had experience working in a movie theater, so thats cool! Altogether it was a really good Halloween experience. But nothing can beat last years going Trick r' Treating with porch decorations, that was the ultimate fun, plus, I got candy!

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Kaylie and Mike said...

Will...we totally wish we were there! I think I would have peed my pants from laughing so hard. I almost did reading your blog. I did get tears in my eyes though!!! I especially like the picture with you and the baby elmos! I bet those kids were completely freaked out. Trinidy, Aiden, and Robin would have loved it!!! Well it looks like you are still having fun and it makes me so happy! :) Your the funniest guy on earth Will...and the weirdest. (By the way...last year was the best. The porch decorations didn't get any candy because you weren't here this year :( Well elmo...audios. Behave yourself okay...your friends there might be having too much fun with you being around. :)